07 December 2011


Life gets in the way sometimes of all the little things I plan to say or do on this sweet little blog of mine. 

Life is messy and real. It can be complicated and stressful. It can be sweet and endearing. It can be challenging and empowering. 

And right now, we're in the midst of several stressors. External ones. So I'm trying my best to keep the stress from becoming too overwhelming. And doing my best to keep up the holiday cheer to bring smiles to both our faces. 

But rest assured, when the stories are done, I'll be sure to share them. Some will help on a practical level for others to know as well. Some will just help to celebrate. But they will be shared when the time is right. And in the meantime, be aware, I may be a bit too tired to share as much as I'd like. 

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