29 November 2011

Thankful For: The Memories

This Thanksgiving weekend was spent in Michigan and some sweet memories left me so incredibly thankful for the magic of making them and for the wonder and pleasure remembering will bring me for years to come. 

 I finally got to introduce Joe to the simple pleasures of a day trip to Frankenmuth, complete with a family-style chicken dinner, a stop in Bronner's (we got several goodies to add to our Christmas decorations), and a horse and carriage ride around town.

And while we were in Frankenmuth, Joe and I decided to try a bottle of Michigan wine. Can you believe it? I grew up in Michigan, but had never tried a wine from Michigan. We shared the bottle with my parents, and most surprisingly of all, with my Grandma. I've never had a drink with Grandma before, so this was a special memory for me. Making a sweet weekend even sweeter. And truth be told, I liked the wine. It was a bit sweet, but I prefer sweet wines. Michigan's grapes and cherrries are grown in the Traverse Bay area and are some of the sweetest in the world, no lie. If a bottle of Michigan wine crosses your path, enjoy it!


Leslie said...

How is Michigan wine??

KT Mac said...

Delicious! Sweet like you, but not overly so. ;)