01 November 2011

KtMac Confessions: Katie the Koala

This year's Halloween costume came from a childhood nickname. 

Which started with the gift of a sweet stuffed koala puppet when I was a wee, little thing.  I even found a picture of her in her heyday. If I were to dig her out of my parents' attic now, Katie the Koala would look quite a bit different. She was much loved, to say the least.

Okay, okay. Enough gushing over the cuteness that was the wee Mac kids back in the day.  Here....do you see Katie the Koala yet?

This picture was taken on a family vacation to Mammoth Caves when I was about seven, Dan was maybe two, and Pat, chubby bubby baby he was, was only three or four months old. (Yes, he was so chubby at birth I couldn't even hold him). Katie the Koala got her own suitcase full of doll clothes for the trip. I think the dress she had on in this picture was stolen from a Cabbage Patch Kid. 

One random night, I confessed to Joe that Katie the Koala had her own little song. And somehow, Katie the Koala came back in vogue as a suitable nickname for me. 

Katie the koala, lives up in a tree.
Katie the koala, eats eucalyptus leaves.
Katie the koala, has sharp, sharp toes.
Katie the koala, has a big black nose.

That's how, twenty years later, I became Katie the koala for Halloween. And yes, I did sing the Katie the Koala song many times on our way out the door. I think Joe has it memorized now. 

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