04 November 2011

Happy Weekend!

It's been a morning, my friends, and only been the slightest bit bearable because it's almost the weekend. 

I have a surprised date planned out for Joe and I on Saturday afternoon as our anniversary gift. The biggest part of the surprise is that I haven't spilled the beans yet. If you know me, you know how impossible it is for me to keep a secret when it comes to gift-giving. Stay tuned for details!

Then we have lunch plans with Joe's like a sister friend from his Peace Corps days in Albania. I adore this sassy, spunky girl and can't wait to hear about her new Peace Corps adventures in Morocco. 

And I'm sure there'll be some time spent cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate and the brothers Crane. Our three shared addictions of the moment. 

But also some down time apart. Joe playing computer games and/or working on homework. Me working on holiday cheer and starting the massive task of cleaning out and organizing my photo database. I've requested an external hard drive, but I need to do my homework before we can seriously talk about it. No need to just shift junk to a new storage location. 

Plus, I know I have so many more great pictures to share. Like these, scenes of Chicago, all taken from the L as it made its way around the Loop and back north towards home. 

I look at these pictures. Just taken on a whim. Just to play with my camera and amuse myself, since I'm still so outdated that I don't have a smartphone. And I realize, this sweet city of mine, it really captures my heart. Second only to Joe, of course. 

There's just something about this city that lets me know, no matter where life may take us, we'll always have a home here. The door will stay open and the lights are waiting. It's a blessing, really, to know you have somewhere where you'll always belong

And that little glow will keep my heart warm throughout the ugly winter that weathermen are promising us again this year. But it's Chicago, and the Midwest....every winter is ugly. Somehow, I don't mind. After all, I've got Joe and hot chocolate. Who could ask for anything more?

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