14 October 2011

Today's Absolute Must-Read

Beautiful Imperfection by Healthy is the New Skinny. Read and think. Really think. About how you see yourself as a woman. And how society views you. And you view other women. Really think. 

Then have a great Friday afternoon!


Hails said...

I have struggled with this since I was like, 12 years old and I am FINALLY, at 26, coming to the point where I am accepting my body and realizing how strong it is (also, the exercising finally seems to be working lol)
I've also starting reading "The Beauty Myth" which should be required reading for every single girl in the world. I highly recommend it and I'm not even finished yet!

KT Mac said...

Yeah, I think we all really struggle with that - why can't we be more like guys who generally think they're ridiculously sexy almost all the time? Thanks Hails for the recommendation - adding it to my list now!