24 October 2011

These Are the Moments

We spent the weekend in the suburbs, visiting Joe's parents. 

It was a quiet, lazy weekend. Aside from a memorial service (our real reason for heading out to the suburbs), the weekend was mostly cuddles and snoozes and recovering from a fall cold (poor Joe) and eating way too much. 

But in the midst of all that, there were a few perfectly precious moments that I didn't want to ever end. 

The feel of the down comforter against my skin as we took a lazy Saturday afternoon nap. The sun streaming in the windows and the feel of Joe's chest rising and falling. 

But mostly, the perfect moments were the long train ride back into the city. Squeezed in sideways on the seat so I could snuggle against Joe's shoulder, his arm around me, his jacket serving as a blanket, as I watched the world clickety-clackedty by through half-lidded eyes...partly to protect against the late autumn afternoon sunlight, but also from drowsiness. The feel of my hair and Joe's skin against my cheek and the sun warming my knees. And the contentedness that comes from knowing this is a perfect moment filled with nothing but love. I never wanted that train ride to end, even when I lost feeling in both feet from the awkward angle. 

And because I have such a romantic little heart, it never will end....it will live on in my heart forever, joining all those other little perfect moments where I thought "I could not ask for more than this moment, right here, right now."

Such a treasure. I really do love this man. 

Pictures taken by Joe's Mom on our Sunday afternoon stroll along the river.


Mb said...

Beautiful pics. Frameworthy.

KT Mac said...

Thanks Mb! They definitely are getting framed for sure!