05 October 2011

Night Time is Silly Time

Joe and I usually have typical end of the day conversations as we wind down for the night and get ready for bed and fall asleep. But every so often, our conversation takes a turn towards the funny side because of sleepiness or because I've already taken out my hearing aid and am guessing at what Joe is saying. There's a few recurring themes in our bedtime talks (clearly). Some are too funny to be forgotten:

KtMac: "Because I'm sassy..."
Joe: "That's right. I love my sassy...and gassy...girl."

Shortly after my thyroid surgery...
Joe rubs my leg, then my arm, then my leg again
KtMac: "Yes, yes, I know. They're hairy. It's not easy shaving when you're restricted to taking baths..."

Two days later...
Joe: "What I was trying to tell you the other night is that you had goosebumps."

Playing with Hubert, the stuffed bear I won for myself at the fair:
KtMac: Hubert wants cuddles too! Arf! Arf!
Joe: Hubert's a bear!
KtMac: I know! Garf! Garf!
Joe: .......


KtMac: You know that even when I can't hear you, I still know when you're farting in bed. I feel it or smell it.
Joe: Well, last night I swore your phone was on vibrate in the bed somewhere from all your farts!

KtMac: My juicy melons.
Joe: You snore, you fart, you call your boobs "melons," yep, you're turning into a boy alright.
KtMac: A dangerous side effect of living with you for a year.

But no matter what the conversational topic or how sleepy we may be, we always end the day with a few laughs, some cuddles, and sweet dream wishes.

And even now, more than a year later, I still pinch myself to make sure I'm lucky enough to drift off to sleep with Joe by my side instead of 6,000 miles between us.

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