14 October 2011


You guys....the heat came on in our building this morning!

This is a big deal. 

Our heat is included in rent (fairly common in Chicago, and a definite cost savings in winter), but that means the landlord controls when it's turned on/off for the year. 

Last year, it wasn't turned on until late November. 

That mean lots of cold fingers and blue noses during the day as I struggled to find a way to type and keep my fingers warm. 

I've been dreading the coming drop in temperatures for the past month. 


It rained all day yesterday. And then the temperatures dropped dramatically overnight. It made for a chilly morning. I was sitting here shivering, trying not to use a blanket because I'd just get colder as the day went on, but when I got up for more water, I realized there were warm spots in the apartment. 

And just like that, I'm now comfortable in my tank top and long sleeved shirt. That means I won't lose feeling in my fingers today. 


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