12 September 2011

Simply September: Space Saver

The first KtMac simplification step was to pare down some of the extras and create some more space in this tiny little apartment. We're already bursting at the seams, and after a year in our little home, I've noticed a few things that do and do not work for our lifestyles, so I'm trying, step-by-step, to make this place a little more user-friendly. 

DVD cases in a basket, slid under the TV cabinet was our default storage system for the last year. Except all of my girly DVDs were stored in an old CD binder. The dual-DVD storage system was taking up extra TV cabinet space and didn't allow for easy movie selections. So I pulled all of Joe's DVDs out of their cases and slid them into the binder. Now all our movies are in one, easy to flip through location, and the space-hogging cases have been tossed in the trash. The sole exceptions are TV series (much easier to leave those in their cases). 

Such a simple upgrade. It only took ten minutes, but has already paid off. 

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