30 September 2011

Simply September: Making Home Work

One of the biggest, but most important challenges for me this month was looking at our apartment and our habits over the past year and finding new solutions to make our home work a little better for us. More simply  and easily.

That involved moving things around inside the three tiny closets we have, weeding out some excess, and inventing new ways to store items. 

One concrete example is this coat rack behind our front door. Last year, Joe and I were horrible about hanging up our winter jackets - preferring to just toss them on the couch as we walked in. But then we'd shove them on the banquet or the table when we needed the couch and inevitably one or both us of would be searching for our jacket or a glove or something. 

So I bought a coat rack and reappropriated a basket from elsewhere and now we have a better way to be lazy. It's so much easier to just toss a coat on the rack instead of putting it away in the closet, but we're not moving it everywhere and our hats and gloves and scarves are all ready and waiting. 

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