26 September 2011

Simply September: Healthy Eats

Last week was a great week. But, oh, my friends, let me tell you, it certainly wasn't a simple week. We had a steady stream of visitors to our little apartment, complete with three different overnight guests (not all at once) for seven consecutive nights. Which translated into a lot of meals out, showing off the best food the Windy City has to offer. There was deep-dish pizza, tilapia sliders, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, to-die-for risotto, pastries, breakfasts at the bakery, dumpling soup, s'mores (for our out of country guest), thai food, and burgers. 

And for a couple who doesn't eat out often, that's an awful lot of eating out in such a short time. Our waistlines and our budgets were definitely feeling the impact. Mostly our waistlines. 

So, to get back on track with homemade meals and healthy eating (and a smarter food budget), Joe and I are eating solely vegetarian meals for the week. And honestly, with a little meal planning, it's really simple to eat vegetarian for a week. 

Breakfasts: bagels with cream cheese, smoothies, cereal and milk (all of which we already had)

Lunch: PBNJ, soups

Dinners: (Supported by an awesome farmers' market trip) mushroom risotto with squash, vegetarian pasta, fish with corn and rice, veggie stir-fry, roasted vegetables.

So we'll end this month with some simple eating. So delicious, so good for you. 

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