15 September 2011

Simply September: Cleaning the Cupboards

I tried a new recipe last night. 

Joe picked up a whole chicken while I was in Michigan last week. Since neither of us had ever cooked a whole chicken before, I googled a recipe and tried my best. 

While the chicken was in the oven, to later be accompanied by roasted mushrooms, steamed rice, and green beans, I tackled the kitchen. 

It's a bit embarrassing. But here's what the kitchen and the cupboards (which were decidedly NOT user-friendly) before. 

And after.

It doesn't look like a completely dramatic before and after because there wasn't much to get rid of....just a little extra clutter. But in this case, to simplify our time in the kitchen, I reassessed what we use most often and rearranged things to they have a better fit in our teeny tiny kitchen. 

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