28 September 2011

Simply September: Back to Basics

One of the the new habits I picked up this month was a basic one. 

Instead of paying for expensive moisturizer with a list of suspicious-sounding ingredients, I began using just a little bit of coconut oil after I wash my face twice a day. 

Just pick up a jar of coconut oil. It solidifies a bit in colder weather, but will melt quickly enough when rubbed against your skin. Simply use just a tiny amount and massage into your face. 

And honestly, your skin will thank you. 

I've already seen a dramatic difference in both the reduction of the number of breakouts I have and in how dewy soft my skin is. I definitely have combination skin - dry cheeks and an incredibly oily t-zone. And while it seems contradictory to put more oil on already oily skin, it's actually beneficial - your skin stops producing so much oil once you start routinely using the coconut oil. 

Additionally, a tablespoon or two dropped in the bathwater leaves your skin silky soft for several days (just make sure you clean the tub out afterwards - no slips and spills!) or use the coconut oil any time you'd use butter or olive oil in the kitchen for a healthy alternative. 

So simple. So good. 


Mb said...

what an awesome suggestion. and oh so natural! i'm all over this.

KT Mac said...

I can't rave enough about it!