23 September 2011

On What Makes A Home

What makes this house a home:

- Flowers on the kitchen table and green plants on the windowsill

- Stubble in the bathroom sink and an occasional long strand of hair in the shower
- A half-made, mostly messy bed where nightly blanket battles occur

- Photographs of memories on the wall instead of artwork (and cracks in the ceiling)

- An air mattress that gets blown up, slept on, packed away, and pulled out again, over and over, for the steady stream of friends who visit

- A well-worn couch with designated "his and hers" spots, beat-up pillows, and a wool plaid blanket
- A hodge-podge of family and friends smiling out from amid the beloved books

- Old bedsheets from the seventies that are used for the beach and impromptu picnics

- The smell of whatever candle is burning that day, mixed in with my choice of perfume for the day
- Piles of pillows and loads of blankets everywhere

- Piles of dirty clothes on the bedroom floor when the hamper threatens to overflow
- Friends who know they'll leave with one too many glasses of wine in their bellies and genuine smiles on their faces

- Abandoned shoes in every corner
- Knowing that the glasses in the sink may sit there a day or two

It is not a picture perfect house. Good Housekeeping or Better Homes and Gardens will never feature our home on their covers. A clean house will always be abandoned in favor of extra snuggles on the couch. But it is the imperfections that make this house a perfect home. Full of coziness, and warmth, and laughter, and love. Lots and lots of love. 

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