27 September 2011

KtMac Confessions: Relationship Realities

It's fairly typical - the longer you're in a relationship, the more comfortable you become. You don't watch what you eat in front of each other. You fart. You choose sleep over other activities. And you get to the point where you wear your comfortable pjs and show your true colors. 

Poor Joe. I really think we've been dating entirely too long now. We've not only gotten to that point...we've sailed right on past it. 

Tonight, I just can't decide if he's a poor bastard or a lucky bastard to get to come home to me after classes. 


Because when I got home following a downpour this evening, I opted for cozy as I putter around our little apartment. 

And let's just say, my Polish side is showing its true colors. Loudly. 

Why yes. Every fashionable KtMac sports a grey t-shirt, green plaid pj shorts, and grey and pink and green striped knee socks. At least I have greys and greens in common?

Aww hell. I'm just going to call Joe a poor bastard for having to come home to this sight.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll actually change before he gets home.


Tiger said...

Joe is a lucky man and you are just PRECIOUS in your stripey socks. <3!

Hails said...

soo guilty of this.
I have grey "house shorts" that I got from a thift store years ago. They are "lady foot locker" brand and probably from the 90's. But they are jersey with pockets and I LIVE in them.
Poor boyfriend.

KT Mac said...

Tiger - I <3 you too!

Hails - SO SO glad I'm not the only one guilty of this! Joe's a sweetheart though - he tells me that's when I'm at my sexiest, because "it means you're comfortable enough to be yourself around me."