31 August 2011

Simply September: No Shopping!

Yes, yes, you read that right. One of the ways for me to simplify my life is to stop (clothes) shopping for the 31 days of September. A shopping ban allows me to reassess my finances, reassess my belongings, and hopefully reduce some of the clutter in our tiny little place. I have a habit of checking out online sales, but this month, I won't be looking at all. 

That said, there are three, and only three, possible exceptions to the no shopping ban:
1: Grandma's birthday present
2: If new (much needed) boots are found
3: If a bridesmaid dress for a spring wedding I'm in is chosen during the wedding dress shopping spree later this month. 

That's it. Anyone game to join me?


Hails said...

I actually have to force myself to go clothes shopping, so I think I do this "no shopping" thing every month without trying. ;)

KT Mac said...

Ha - You and Joe would get along well. I usually don't go too crazy, but I definitely recognized a big trend in shopping online sales this summer and want to curb it. But I do def need to help Joe pick up a few new pieces after the month is over. ;)