01 August 2011

Lazy, Hazy Summer Days

It's the height of summer now. 

It's been hot and humid and generally miserable in Chicago the last few weeks with little relief in sight. 

And our little apartment only has a window a/c in the bedroom. It really cools the bedroom off nicely, but never cools any other part of the apartment, so I've been adopting various beat the heat methods. 

No lights until necessary, blinds stay closed all the time, ceiling fans and other fans run almost constantly, minimal clothing, lots of cool drinks and fresh fruit, countless slurpee and ice cream cone runs, lazy afternoons on the beach, or somewhere with air conditioning, movies in the theaters, etc. etc. 

But my brain is fried. I move slowly these days. And make long lists of to-do or should-do and ignore them all in favor of watching countless mind-numbing tv shows on the floor in the dark in front of the fan in tank tops and underwear. 

And when I do actually venture out, it usually leads to embarrassing moments, like the one that just happened ten minutes ago. 

I ran some errands this morning, choosing to rearrange my work schedule so I wasn't out in the heat of the late afternoon trying to run the errands. And when I got home, I clearly, desperately, was in need of another shower, but there was work to do, so I pulled off the sticky bra and clammy shorts and made do with the tank top and underwear (thank goodness for closed blinds!) and then made myself lunch with lots of leeks. 

So just as I was putting away the lunch mess, looking a hot mess, smelling bad, with bad breath is exactly when the cute new neighbor rang our buzzer looking for his own. Not at all an awkward introduction. 

And if being dressed weirdly, smelling bad, with bad breath wasn't horrifying enough, I'm also currently sporting an eye patch in a desperate attempt to heal a contacts-induced scratch. 

Aaargh. Welcome to the neighborhood matey!
(Lucky Joe .... he gets to come home to this hot mess.)

Oh summer. Lazy, hazy days indeed. My brain really is fried. 

(No worries, I've now showered, brushed my teeth, and gotten fully dressed again....too late to avoid embarrassment.,)

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