16 August 2011

KtMac Confessions: Simple Pleasures

Oh life. You really like to toss in heavy doses of that bitter in bittersweet that makes life so extraordinary at times, don't you?

And I love having the bitter all wrapped up in the sweet. I know it makes the sweet even sweeter, but dude, I could use a little less bitter these days. 

So in the meantime, I'm focusing on the simple pleasures. And relishing how they're all the sweeter when I don't let the bitter overwhelm. 

Sweets like:

 French manicures in fun summer colors like orange and silver, topped off with braclets that make me happy. (Top is my latest LouLou's purchase. Bottom is Joe's Christmas present to me last year.)

Finally getting that genuine smile on camera. After 697956576 outtakes and plenty of KtMac admonitions. 

 Or getting just one picture where the flash doesn't leave me looking like a drunken fool.  (Or for that matter, the fabulousness that is alfresco dining in evenings.)

Or the perfect sweetness of a date that didn't start out as planned, but ended just the way I like it: with lots of cuddles and kisses curled up with the one I love.

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