08 August 2011

Awesome Artwork

Remember how at the beginning of the summer, I went on a little trip to Scotland? And on that trip, I may have had a few beautiful photographs? Well, it quickly became clear that some of those photographs needed to find a place on our walls, so after we chose our first print, I ordered a 30x40 print from PrintYourCanvas. Within two weeks, we had a massive roll of bubble wrap in the office and this lovely print adding some much needed color to our bedroom walls. 

It's going to be so lovely waking up to this scene during Chicago's infamous winters.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...that looks familiar! I may have something *similar* that arrived in my mail a few weeks ago! (belated thank you, by the way!!!)

Mb said...

How very Ansel Adams of you. Looks like you can walk right into that scene. They did an awesome job!