11 July 2011

Sunset Sailing

Friday night was magic. 

No, really. 

Magical was the best way to describe such a perfect night. 

Joe and I had date night aboard the Pianissimo, which is operated by Lakeshore Sail Charters. I found a daily discount on one of the deal of the day websites, decided a sunset sail on Lake Michigan was such a Chicago in the summertime thing to do, I couldn't resist. 

Of course, I'm terrible with surprises, so Joe knew all about the sailing adventure within 24 hours of my purchasing the deal. 

But back to Friday night. 

Oh, it was perfect. 

The weather was balmy and warm with enough breeze to keep it comfortable. The sunset was perfect. 

There were plenty of kisses and quiet moments of "we're so lucky."

The sailboat was gorgeous and easily tempted Joe and I into living the sailing lifestyle. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be gently rocked to sleep by the waves every night? And because this cruise is more of a date night cruise rather than a party boat, only six guests are allowed on the boat at a time even though it is a 50-foot long sailboat with plenty of room for quite a few more guests. 

We didn't mind that though. It gave Joe and I a chance to lay down on the bow and watch the city slowly light up for the evening and count stars and our blessings. 

It really was so magical. 

And now, Joe and I have the hookup to sail at the discounted rate whenever we want to again. So if you're interested, let me know and I'll share how to get such a great date night. 

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