22 July 2011

Makes Me Think

I logged onto Blogger with the intention of writing up a little post about the thought-provoking website: Makes Me Think

Some of the posts are a little bittersweet and tinged with a hint of regret, but I like the site. We all need a reminder from time to time that there's more important things. And that with the right attitude, this world really is a beautiful life.

Today, my dad got laid-off from his job of 30 years. When he picked me up at the airport this evening, I asked him how he was coping. He said, "I have a loving wife, a daughter who just got home from college, and a son and daughter in-law who have my first grandchild on the way. I couldn't be happier! A job I can find anywhere." MMT

Wow. It really does make me think. 

And as I opened up Blogger, I looked at today's date and got a little reminder of my own. It's been exactly one year since I stood, anxiously, nervously, excitedly in an airport, ignoring the beads of sweat dripping down the back of my knees, and holding up this sign:

It's been exactly a year, and what an amazing, successful year it's been. A year full of love, and kisses, and carousel rides, and triumphs, and tears, and sickness, and accomplished dreams, and laughter, and flowers just because, and pride, and colorblindness, and cuddles, and sweet little love notes, and fights over laundry, and countless sweet little date nights, and a few moments of insecurity here and there, and schemes, and lazy Sundays, and movie watching, and sunset sails, and the realization that even a year later, I still find this to be so very true.

And I think to myself, as I've been thinking all morning, how lucky are we? How lucky in love. How lucky to realize that 

And I've realized, no matter what happens next or five years from now or fifty years from now, I would not trade this last year in for anything. I would keep all the ups and downs and absolutes and insecurities and laughter over inside jokes and tears over fights and kisses and cuddles exactly the same. Because this year, I believe, absolutely, we both grew in love. We both have become better for the love we've shared. And I can't wait to see what our future brings. 


Michelle said...

This was such a sweet post! Definitely enjoy the little things, because that's what makes everything worth it. :)

KT Mac said...

Thanks Michelle! It really is all about the little things!