15 July 2011

A Foundation of Stone

Joe and I were cuddling in bed recently one night and as he drifted off to sleep, my thoughts started wandering. 

I was eying the blank wall across from our bed where we have plans to hang a print or two from my recent trip to Scotland. As I thought of the picture we've already picked out, and all the other little things we've talked about to make this place ours, I realized our little apartment has really become home this past year. 

And of course, I wouldn't be the KtMac you all know and love if I didn't start musing even more. I couldn't help but think about the past year and how our partially underground apartment was the perfect place to begin building our life together. 

In order to build a house in the clouds, first we need a strong foundation, and that's what Joe and I did this past year. We laid down the foundation, brick by brick. We tested the strength of the foundation, countless times. And we're filling in the cracks and smoothing out the bumps one by one together. That's what we'll keep doing this upcoming year, and along the way, we'll keep dreaming up our house in the clouds.

And I sleepily smiled to myself and thought, "I love this life of ours."

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