07 July 2011

Chicago Sunset

Oh, I tell you. Every single day, I find a new reason to fall even more in love with this magical city. This week, it was the magical weather and perfectly pale pink sunset we enjoyed while laughing with friends in anticipation of the July 4th fireworks off Navy Pier. 

And I tell you, I think back to a year ago, when I was anticipating Joe's return home and our planned move to this city, and I think over all the ups and downs we've had over this past year, and the truth of it is: I wouldn't trade any of it. Because I am so lucky. Joe and I love each other. We're together. We live in a cozy little apartment. We have great friends (who may be a little more spread out than I'd like, but still). We both have great jobs. We live in this beautiful city by the lake. And we have a golden, shining future. Life really is beautiful, isn't it my friends?

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