30 June 2011

A Question

This question feels incredibly vulnerable, but I need to ask. 

How do you deal with that nasty little voice in the back of your head?

Most days, I am able to keep that voice from talking too loudly or too long. 

But lately, I'm wildly swinging between being overly confident, on-top-of-the-world, and being, honestly, downright abusive to myself in my thoughts. It's exhausting. And my usual countermeasures aren't strong enough right now. 

I've tried reminding myself that the voice is wrong. 
That I would never even remotely think any of those things of another person, much less say them aloud. 
I've tried actually saying those things out loud to myself so I can hear the ludicrousness of the statements. 
I've tried to derail my thoughts by actively seeking distractions. 
I may have picked an unfair fight or two with Joe, as a means of proving to myself (wrongly) that the voice was right, which makes it even worse. 
Poor Joe. I owe him so many apologies and kisses for that. I am sorry. 
Poor KtMac. I owe myself so many apologies and kisses for ever listening to that voice, nevermind as much as I do. 

So tell me, do you struggle with this too? What works for you? 

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