16 June 2011

On the Mend

My friend Amie, who was my Scottish tour guide, sent me this adorable get-well flower basket last night. She has a white dog named Thunder, so she couldn't resist sending me a cute little white flower dog. Isn't it adorable?!

I'm home again and on the mend. 

My surgery took a little longer and was a little more complicated than expected. Turns out I had a grapefruit sized tumor pushing down on my chest, knocking my windpipe out of the way, and completely displacing my parathyroid. The surgery took two hours instead of an hour and a half because the doctor had to reimplant my  parathyroid in the correct place after he took the tumor out. 

The good news is, it looks like the tumor is benign AND the doctor was able to leave enough of my thyroid behind that I should not need to take daily medications for the rest of my life (to do the thyroid's job of regulating my hormones).

I really wasn't joking when I called myself a medical marvel the other day. It seems like any time I have surgery, the doctors find something other than what they expected when they get in there. No one had any idea I had a tumor, much less a grapefruit-sized one, growing on my thyroid. The reason I'd opted to have the thyroid removed in the first place was because I had a nodule that had grown from 4 centimeters to 5 centimeters in a little over a year. That nodule must have been a bump on the tumor. I am so grateful I decided to have this surgery when I did. 

I'll spare you all the recovery room pictures of me post-surgery, but rest assured, I am recovering quite nicely. I was sent home from the hospital yesterday morning (much faster than expected given the complications of my surgery and the fact that I was in the ICU) and slept through the night in my own bed last night. My throat already looks much flatter despite the stitches and post-surgical swelling. Mama Mac was a great recovery room nurse and Joe has been doing a great job of attending my every need since I've been home. 

I go back to the doctor next Tuesday to get my stitches removed (ugh - they already itch and annoy me) and find out for sure whether the tumor was benign and if I'll need medications.I'll be sure to keep y'all posted. Thank you for all the well wishes! Now, I need to go nap again. Sleeping in the hospital is never restful. 

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