22 June 2011

Health Update

I went to the doctors yesterday for the one week post-surgery checkup. 

My stitches were removed. Finally. 

They were causing so much pain and annoyance, I was shocked to discover there were only four in there. Joe and I both thought the stitches covered the length of the incision, so I was dreading the stitch removal. Quick and painless. 

The doctor who removed my stitches looked inside and said that everything looked perfect. He was also amazed at how not swollen my throat was, given the intensity of the surgery. I made him laugh when I said it still feels like someone crawled inside my throat and gave it a good punchout.

Then my doctor came in and looked and was thrilled with what he saw. Gave me the okay to shower again and move on with my life normally. My pathology reports were benign, which means cancer-free.

Such a sweet relief. 

Such a niggling thought in the back of my head since we first started talking about thyroid removal several years ago. 

So on my way home yesterday, I treated myself to an ice cream. And then Joe and I celebrated over Indian food, where we laughed and talked and reminisced and amazed ourselves at how wonderful our lives are and how all the scary things seem to end up not being so scary after all and how the crazy dreams seem to keep falling right into place and we loved on each other and it was great. 

In other news, I am just about done with all the Highlands Road Trip pictures. Stay tuned for some exciting news about those pictures!


Mb said...

YAY! This is most excellent news. Good luck on the road to full recovery.

KT Mac said...

Thanks Mb! Full recovery soon, hopefully!