17 June 2011

Hair Wash

Amazing, isn't it, what makes you feel better when under the weather?

I took a bath all by myself today. No showers allowed until the stitches come out. 

I got dressed. And yes, in this case, a tank top and yoga pants absolutely count as "dressed."

And then I went outside, in the sunshine, for a walk to the local hair salon. 

$15 and 20 minutes later, my hair has been washed for the first time since before my surgery. 

And I can't even begin to tell you how much more human I now feel. 

But a nap was necessary afterwards. It was all I could do not to fall asleep while she was blow drying my hair. Baby steps, peeps, baby steps. 

I also bought myself another cute summerweight scarf online to add to my tiny but now growing collection of scarves to help hide the healing stitches and scars this summer. 

I normally don't mind scars, but this one will be angry and obvious for quite a while so for my comfort, I'm opting to hide it for a while this summer. If anyone knows of any cute, lightweight, and supersoft scarves on sale this summer, send them my way!

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