27 June 2011


I was called a "cuteheart" on Saturday night. 

Apparently being a "cuteheart" is better than being called a "cutie" and "sweetheart" all rolled up in one. 

I didn't miss much of the conversation when that was the only bit of it I pulled out. Joe later confirmed it. We still can't figure out if the girl was drunk, high, or just a weird one. 

But this weekend was perfect. 

Girls Night In on Friday night with way too many glasses of wine and lots of laughter and a sleepover on the couch and Joe's pancakes in the morning. 

Saturday afternoon was spent exploring a tiny little festival in Joe's parents' town in the Chicago suburbs. Joe and I played with, and subsequently agreed, that when/if we ever buy a car, it will be a Chevy Volt. I asked Joe if he was going to win me a stuffed animal when we wandered into the carnival section of the festival. Instead, I won my own stuffed bear, who has been lovingly named Hubert. We wandered sidewalk sales and spent too long drinking wine and people-watching. 

Sunday, we spent on the beach. It was the perfect beach weather. 80's, sunny, with a pleasantly cool breeze. We had a fabulous little picnic, rode our bikes, played frisbee, and people-watched. Lake Michigan, true to form, was so cold that even the littlest kids weren't interested in swimming. Then a sushi dinner and ice cream cake to round out the weekend. 

It was perfect. 

But alas, no pictures of the weekend. Sometimes, you just have to put down the camera and just live.

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