13 May 2011

Things that Have Put a Smile on My Face This Week

- The dorkfest Joe and I had after buying two impulse purchases at the White Elephant shop. What did we buy that we were so excited about? An unopened, still-in-the-wrapping game of Trivial Pursuit for $6 and the entire box set of Space: Above and Beyond for $15. Awesome sauce.

- Sassy new hairdos.

- Long, lazy naps.

- While working out at the gym, I was at a machine overlooking the atrium, giving me a pretty good view of the ping-pong table. A young guy was playing by himself, trying to practice his serves, and getting frustrated with chasing the ball all over. The janitor, a middle-aged, Grandpa-looking man, walked over, took a five minute break and played with him.

- Hot date night lined up for Saturday night.

- Planned lunch date with an old friend.

- Encouraging, hopeful news about future plans and daydreams and schemes we've pondered on for so long.

- Feeling confident. In the future, in the now, in so many ways.

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