31 May 2011

KtMac Confessions: I Scream for Ice Cream

If you know me at all, you will know this: soft serve ice cream is my favorite treat. Especially with sprinkles on top. 

You can bribe me with the mere mention of ice cream. A fact Joe regularly and shamelessly abuses. 

I'll never turn down a cone, even if I can't feel my toes and am wearing thirteen layers in December in Albania. 

And I practically need one or two or twenty when braving the heat and humidity of Tokyo in early August. 

And fortunately for me (and unfortunately for my waistline), there's a Dairy Queen two blocks from our cozy little love nest. We have a killer coupon book the DQ sent us in the mail and a gift card from Mama Mac, so we often find ourselves wandering down the street to get our ice cream cones - twist dipped in sprinkles for me, vanilla dipped in chocolate for Joe - and a stroll through the park. Because everyone knows, if you eat ice cream while walking, the calories don't count. 

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