26 May 2011

Interview with a Real Life Glam Star

Y'all have heard me talk about Mb on this blog a time or two before. She's my real life glamorous rock star living  in Washington, D.C. and blogging about her adventures at The life of Mb. We've been fro-yo, globe-trotting buddies since our nights in grad school together.

This is one of my absolute fave pictures of us together. 

Mb and her loverface just got back from exploring the romantic island of Ireland and has plenty of stories to share. If you aren't already reading her blog, get over there and check it out now! 

Shortly before Mb left on her vacation, we were emailing back and forth and did a little impromptu interview of each other....read on for random questions and Mb's awesome answers:

1) What's the one thing you're never without? Almost anyone could answer this question for me: my camera. To be completely correct, I always have my point-and-shoot (Canon Elph) with me. It fits in my wallet (which is a vintage cigarette holder) so there’s no excuse not to have it. Normally I be carrying Simon, my fancy cam, with me. But if I ever can’t, I always ALWAYS have the elph for back up.

2) Best date you've ever had? I go on clam-dates with my friends all the time. And every weekend, when we have brunch, we’re declaring that particular brunch to be the BEST date ever. But I assume you mean girl-boy dates. So I have to think……Shoe and I actually go on dates all the time. When we first started dating, many moons ago, we’d make it a point to go dancing on Thursday nights. I still remember one Thursday when I wore a red dress. I thought I looked so damn fiiiiine. We went out dancing and had a freakin’ ball, but we needed to leave at a respectable hour to be up for work the next morning. As we left the bar, we stepped out into a down-pour. It was basically monsooning outside, and my once-fabulous dress was now soaked, clingy, and completely unattractive. But Shoe, ever the Romeo, took the opportunity to continue our dance party in the rain, and we walked home, stealing kisses like new luvas do. Le sigh. It wasn’t a flashy or glamorous night-out but it was a date I’ll never forget.

3) Everyone has a silly talent, like blowing giant bubbles or locking their toes behind their head. What's a silly talent you wish you had? Hmmmm, well, this isn’t silly but I wish I could sing or play an instrument. So if I ever ended up homeless, then I could at least make money on the streets doing something legit. My dream would be to run off to New Orleans and play the trombone for a street band. Holy goodness, listen to me having hobo-dreams. Anyway, if I could have a silly talent, I’d want it to land me in the Guinness book. Something like, burping Shakespeare sonnets or juggling 12 hamsters while roller skating…blindfolded. Something cool, you know, that I could totally monopolize.

4) Mani-pedi, massage, or a giant bottle of wine? All of the above! Please!! Like, RIGHT NOW :-) But if I could only pick one- the mani-pedi. It’s such a simple thing, but it instantly puts a smile on my face to sneak a peek at my fingers while typing or seeing that flash of color when I slip my shoes off at the end of the day. Feeling pretty/groomed always boost my energy level and confidence.

5) One historical event you'd like to have witnessed in person? Ooooh, I like this one. And I’m sure I’ll change my answer half a dozen times before I submit my final answer, Regis. I think there are so many things I would have loved to seen firsthand.but I’m gonna say it’s a strong tie between birth of Jesus and the dinosaur extinction. Two totally unrelated (or maybe not?) historical events, but I’m starved for more knowledge on either topic.
And that, my friends, is just a little glimpse into the awesome, rock star mind of the lovely Mb!


Mb said...

:) Thanks for having me blogsit in your absense. Hopefully my answers didn't turn away your loyal readers.

KT Mac said...

Oh Mb, I <3 you!