01 April 2011

Throwing Pottery

I only briefly mentioned it once. Mostly because I'd planned on doing a real post about it and got distracted by life along the way. 

This winter, I took a two month pottery class. It was a beginner class at a studio in my neighborhood. Classmates came from all over the city to learn the art of throwing pottery. 

The class fee included eight weeks of once-a-week three hour classes, unlimited time in the studio during open studio Saturday hours, and all materials. The instructor was incredibly patient and had a knack for teaching beginners. 

It wasn't easy - there's a lot of muscle involved - and it's definitely messy. But oh so much fun. I struggled at first, so I spent countless hours in the studio on Saturdays, trying, messing up, and trying again. 

And now, the first few pieces I made have come home. I'm still waiting on some others to be fired, but I'll share those too once they make their way home. 

3 coffee mugs, a little red bowl, and a much-prettier-in-person-purple planter.

All glazed and fully fired pieces are dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe, and microwavable. So awesome to make pretty things that are also practical!

I made the coffee mugs blue for Joe. He wanted "real" coffee mugs.  

Because for some reason, he just hasn't been thrilled with drinking out of our snowman mugs....

Spring plans and a desire to spend my warmer weather evenings outside have meant I didn't sign up for a second session, but Chicago peeps, I wholly recommend checking out the classes at Park West Ceramics. It's a great class, you learn a lot, and at the end of the session, you should come home with about a dozen pieces all your own. 

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