21 April 2011

So Impressed

I'm amused by how today's earlier conversation ties in so nicely with the post I was planning on writing for today. 

I have to brag on Joe for a minute. 

Last night, the mailman delivered a very tangible component of a project he's been working on for the last nine months. And rightfully so, Joe was beyond excited when the doorbell rang. 

Joe's been working on developing an interactive database that will monitor the numerous aspects and details associated with running a nonprofit for a very worthy organization called the South Shore Drill Team. Joe has volunteered his various IT skills to the organization for years and they have wisely put his skills to use since he's been home from the Peace Corps. 

The tablet (the first of several) will give staff members the ability to update crucial database information in real time, while out in the field at various shows, performances, and fundraising events. It is going to revolutionize the workflow and data sharing within the organization and greatly improve their ability to solicit funds from donors. 

It is a major project and a tremendous undertaking and is just a few months away from total completion. I am thrilled to pieces for Joe and so incredibly proud of all the hard work he has put into this project during his free time during this last year. 

And of course, getting to play Angry Birds while Joe has the tablet at home for set-up hasn't been too bad either. 

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