07 April 2011

No, I Will NOT Be Getting Cats

When I went home last weekend, both my brothers made a few smart ass comments to me, without even knowing the other one had said anything.

DMac told me I was becoming an old lady. 

PMac asked me if I was going to become a crazy cat lady. 



Because I found the perfect little offline hobby for myself. 

You see, I spend hours in front of the computer every day for work. So when I'm done, I barely want to look at the computer again. But watching tv just doesn't cut it, and winter just doesn't want to go away. So when I heard about Tako Fibers' crewel kits, I just had to try it out. 

Emily designed these little kits herself. From the design, to the stitches, to the colors, and even the step-by-step stitch instructions.

The kit includes everything you need to make your own crewelwork for display. There's step by step instructions, yarn, a hoop, and even a needle.

The kit arrived in the mail within days of my order, and within a week, I finished it. I probably would've finished it faster, but I was only working on it in the evenings while watching tv or in the long car rides to/from my bros' lax game.

The finished masterpiece is waiting to find the perfect little frame at the White Elephant shop and then she'll be adding some much needed color to our walls. 

I definitely recommend any of the Tako Fiber kits to anyone looking for a fun, easy, but pretty craft. I've already bought one kit as a gift for a crafty friend. Hopefully she enjoys her little surprise as much as I did! And for the record, I was not perked or comped in any way to mention Tako Fibers or its sweet kits. I just told y'all about it because I enjoyed it so much and wanted to pass on the love. 

And even though I picked up a few more embroidery kits at my local crafts store (mostly because my sweet Grandma asked me to make her one too), my brothers can rest assured.  I am not becoming a crazy cat lady, and I most definitely am not old. 


Mb said...

What a cute project! And a great way to pass the time. I'm all for creative down-time. Thanks for sharing the info.

KT Mac said...

:) It was a fun project. The bright colors made me love it all the more.