12 April 2011

KtMac Confessions: Life is Good

Life is good. 

No, really. 

It is awfully sweet and delicious these days. 

Yes, there's some bitter still tucked away in there. Like my heart aching for my Grandma's mental decline. 

But even within the bitter, there's still some sweet - like knowing how very little it takes to truly put a big smile on Grandma's face. 

And truth be told, life's little bitters make the sweets even sweeter. 

And life is sweet. 

Very sweet. 

I am madly in love with this handsome man, who does his very best to make me fall even more in love with him every day. 

I am well-loved. By so many. 

I live in a cozy little apartment, in a lovely little neighborhood, in the world's greatest city. 

I have a secure, interesting, and challenging job that lets me (more or less) set my own hours while working from home. 

I am well educated and financially secure with bright future prospects. 

I have a healthy body that I am becoming more and more in tune with every single day. 

I am interested in a wide variety of things and rarely am ever genuinely bored. 

And summer in the city by the lake is on its way. 

The future is golden. 

And that makes life so very sweet. 

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