15 April 2011

End of the Week Randoms

Today, I'm currently obsessing over:

- The smell of the yummy Peach Bellini candle burning on my office windowsill. Smells like the summer that is not yet outside my window. 

- The ant invasion taking over our kitchen. Even all the ant traps we've laid down don't seem to be helping. Those resilient little suckers are getting bug bombed tonight. 

- This sweet little necklace. I think it'd be perfect with a "J" and a "K" and hanging around my neck. 

- Plotting picture-taking adventures. I am absolutely obsessed with my camera. And with trying to find the next set of lens I want to buy. 

- Baking a lemonade layer cake. But that's only going to happen once those damn ants are gone. In the meantime, I keep reading and re-reading the recipe and drooling. I'm going to be so sad if it's not as sweet and tart as I'm imagining. Lemon desserts are my favorite - far more so than chocolate. 

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