05 April 2011

America's High Five

I spent the weekend in Michigan. 

It was Mama Mac's birthday and her wish was to have some girl time. 

Before the shopping and the gossip could start, we had to brave the cold and drizzly rain to watch my bros kick ass in their lacrosse game. I must've brought PMac some luck - he's a defensive middie (I think) and because their team is so good, there's little need for defense on the field - but PMac not only got quite a bit of playing time in, he also scored his first goal of the season!

DMac (number 15) and PMac (number 7) celebrating.

Since I know nothing about lacrosse other than my bros' team is currently number one in the nation's division two programs, I won't bore y'all with some of the 397 pictures I took during their game. And no, that is not an exaggeration. 

I spent time with my bros. It was a long drive to/from the game, and I got some one-on-one time to shoot the breeze and dispense some sisterly advice. 

Mama Mac and I shopped. I may have a few new pretties in my closet. 

I  helped my Dad replace my Grandma's kitchen light and I listened to my Grandma laugh while watching tv in between her afternoon naps. 

There may have been ice cream birthday cake. Which, if we're honest here, is the only kind of cake acceptable for birthdays. 

And there may have been 769973 pictures taken in hopes of one good picture of three generations. 

But best of all, there was love, and laughter, and smiles, and birthday wishes. Exactly what a birthday weekend in America's High Five should contain. 

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