14 April 2011

American Pickers and a Hot Date Night

The TV show American Pickers is responsible for the hot date night Joe and I had Saturday night. 

Yep, that's right. 

You read that right. American Pickers is responsible for our hot date night. 

Last month, I was planning on taking Joe out for his birthday. However, he requested a quiet evening at home, and I did my best to deliver. But I told him I'd be taking him out for dinner, drinks, and dancing at a later date. 

Saturday night was that later date. 

We had dinner at a phenomenal Indian restaurant called Hema's Kitchen. Fabulous food, reasonable prices, and attentive service. And for non-Chicago folks, it has the added bonus of being a BYOB restaurant. 

After dinner, since we still had some time to kill and because we both were too full to sit, we took a long walk and enjoyed the nicer weather Chicago is reluctantly granting us these days. And then we warmed up with some Irish coffee at Aquatine.

The highlight of the night though, was that I surprised Joe with tickets to a local cabaret. A very funny, very entertaining, and definitely raunchy cabaret. 

By now, I'm sure y'all are still trying to figure out what American Pickers has to do with our date night. 

A few weeks ago, I watched the first season of American Pickers on Netflix. I need background noise while I work and when I tire of music, I watch TV shows that don't have a complicated plot line. That way I can look up from my work from time to time and still easily figure out what's going on. American Pickers fit the bill perfectly.

Curious about the people on the show, one afternoon I wiki'd Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby-Cushman. And that is when I learned that Danielle, who grew up in a household of Jehovah's Witnesses, is also a burlesque dancer. 

Later that night, Joe and I were talking on the couch and I wondered out loud, "what is the difference between burlesque dancing and stripping?"

Truthfully, neither one of us really knew. 

Curious, I started poking around online and learned more about burlesque, which had me curious enough to try to find a show in Chicago. I found one, really close by, and for a cheap price. I figured if it sucked, we could leave without feeling like we wasted money. 

So I bought tickets and simply told Joe we were seeing a show

He loved it. I loved it. It was the perfect date night. 

If you're ever looking for something different to do in Chicago, check out Vaudzilla's offerings

And that my friends, is how a TV show inspired a hot date night out. 


Mb said...

I love everything about this post. Esp, the Irish Coffees. When you come to DC we are going to the Palace of Wonders!

KT Mac said...

That'd be Wonder-ful! ;)