08 March 2011

"An Old Polish Woman"

Disclaimer: We are ridiculous and mean no harm. 

Joe and I were in the bathroom last night, getting ready for bed. 

KtMac: "Is that a hair growing out of your lip?"

Joe: "Yeah. I don't know what the hell it's doing."

KtMac: "Are you sure you don't have some old Polish woman in you somewhere?" (Poking fun of my Polish ancestors' gift to me of a unibrow that requires daily tweezer time.)

Joe: "I may have hair on my lip, but I'm not the old Polish woman in the bathroom." (Referencing a smellier trait my ancestors bestowed upon me.)

KtMac: "Babuska! Pirogi! Paczki!" in a terrible old lady accent as I stab Joe with the toothpaste tube.  (Because I don't remember the Polish curse words I grew up hearing.)

End scene. 

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