31 March 2011

My New Loves

I have some new loves in my life.

Don't worry. Joe and Andy are still near the top. Who is number one on my list, I'll never tell...

But peeps, meet Riley...the Rebel.

Lucky Joe - he gets to come home to this pretty mess every day. (And this was after I showered and dressed....)

Riley and I are slowly getting acquainted and falling in love more every day. It's a slow process - Chicago March weather has not been cooperative in letting me outside without gloves longer than 30 seconds. But soon, Riley, soon. 

And Riley's partner in crime is Henry, the Hobo.

Henry was my little splurge because I knew I'd be far more likely to carry and use Riley if he was protected in a bag that didn't scream "I'm a tourist! Mug me!" while wandering the Loop this summer. So far, Henry and I have had an instantaneous love affair. He's padded and cushioned, but not overly so. He lets me change him between a shoulder bag and a cross-body bag, and he's big enough for all my baggage. 

And then that shot led to me taking a picture of my new-ish wallet. Which was acquired during my last visit to DC on a shopping trip to Lou Lous, where Mb, Tiger, and I tormented Joe by making him ooh and ahh over all the pretties.

So, this little long-winded post serves as notice to you peeps. Expect lots and lots of Chicago pictures this summer.


Mb said...

YAY, hopefully Simon and Riley will meet soon. Congrats on the new cam and bag. Looking forward to more pics.

KT Mac said...

Ooh the fun Simon and Riley will have!

Tiger said...

I feel left out. Maybe a DSLR is in my future, too... hmmm...

Can't wait to see your pics.

Miss you! xo

KT Mac said...

Tiger - you won't regret it if a DSLR finds its way into your hands too. I got mine in anticipation of this spring's adventures!

Miss you too!! XOXO

Leslie said...

I'm your #1 love, right???????

KT Mac said...

Leslie - of course! But shhhh....don't tell Joe!