07 March 2011

More DIY

Remember when I made this for my necklaces?

Well, Joe has a couple of really cool old Communist-era badges he picked up while he was in Armenia a few years ago that were just sitting on the bookshelf. The fact that they were just laying there on the shelf has been bugging me since we moved in. Six months now, and I felt bad that the best we could do was prop them up against the books.

So I started thinking and wishing back to the days when I used to use a corkboard to display all my little treasures. But since I'm all about using what I have first these days before buying something new, I came up with this:

I took the glass out of another picture frame we had lying around, covered the cardboard backing with some more of the black velvet scraps, and voila! And now his cool CCCP badges are better displayed. There's a third one that needs to be reattached to the ribbon and then it'll be displayed too. The Obama badge is from when he was running for US Senate. Joe proudly wore that pin the day he met Obama once he became a Senator. (Maybe I'll convince Joe to let me share that picture with y'all one day). The I Am Loved pin is my sole contribution to the board.

And bonus points to anyone who can tell me again which Star Trek ship the little figurine is. It's Joe's good luck charm, and my girlfriend status negates my being able to ask him for a third time which one it is.

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