01 March 2011

Creative Compliments: The Tuesday Special

Last night I was running late to my pottery class and the only real dinner option in the house was steak.  Since that was too time-consuming, Joe told me to grab something on my way to class. I opted to try a regional burrito chain mostly because it was just down the block from my pottery studio. 

I walked in, debated menu options against my hunger and my time, and decided to order two tacos.  

The cashier looked at me as I ordered and then pointed to a sign saying tacos are 99 cents each on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And even though it was just a Monday night, he said, "I give you Tuesday special. Just for you. Only you. No one else. Because you are so beautiful."


Hails said...

that is awesome on many levels :)

KT Mac said...

Oh totally. Made my night!