21 March 2011

The Courage to Speak Your Convictions

I may not always agree with someone's opinion, but when they have the courage to honestly speak their convictions, I always respect that opinion. I'm guilty, I admit it, of sometimes saying what I think others want to hear in socially awkward situations. And I'm guilty, I admit it, of not always knowing deep within myself exactly what my convictions are. So many of my absolutes have changed over the years, as I learn and am exposed to the larger world. And I'm struggling right now, asking myself some hard truths and making sure that I know exactly where I stand, and more importantly, why. 

So when I came across this post this morning, I haven't been able to stop thinking about how much I respect these celebrities for the courage to publicly (far more publicly than you and I probably ever will have the chance to experience) say and stand by their convictions. One thing I've realized, no matter where I or anyone stands in regards to religion and God and morality, you have to respect those who are certain of their convictions and are willing to express those views, even if they are unpopular or controversial. And if celebrities can do it in front of crowds of thousands and the never-ending press, I can certainly do it amongst my friends and loved ones. 

So, what do you believe so strongly that you have the courage to admit it publicly?

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