10 March 2011

The Best Kind of Surprise

Grandma hasn't been doing too well this week. 

She's been off her game mentally and really struggling. Which made today's planned surprise all the sweeter. 

Last week, Mom and Dad asked me if I'd be able to come home and spend the weekend with Grandma while they took a weekend road trip to Minnesota to see my bros play lax and visit the Mall of America. I quickly agreed, on the condition I be the one to tell Grandma. 

We decided that since she doesn't have any sense of days and time anymore that I would wait until today to tell her, so she only has to wait until tomorrow to see me. And I've been eagerly counting the days until I could tell her. 

Mom dropped off breakfast at Grandma's this morning and told her as she was leaving, "Oh, you have a surprise coming. Get excited."

And Grandma did get excited. Mom says she got very excited. 

Then I called her, as I always do on Thursday mornings. We chatted for a bit and then I said, "So Mom told me you have a surprise coming. Have you figured it out yet?"


"Well, are you doing anything this weekend?"

"No, not that I know of. Why? Am I coming to see you?"

"How about I come see you instead? Is that a good surprise?"

And Grandma got so excited and so happy, it brought tears to my eyes. 

So this weekend, while my parents are sitting out on the frozen tundra of lax fields of Minnesota watching my bros play and while Joe sits in our little Chicago love nest studying for next week's finals, I'll be in the Mitten, getting lots of girl time in with my favorite Grandma. 

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