09 February 2011

Wednesday Randoms

Eek, a whole week without blogging?  Where'd the time go?

Oh yeah, I was busy braving the aftermath of the Chicago blizzard to head to Washington DC for a work event and good times with just a few of my DC friends.  Unfortunately, since time was so short (and shortened further due to cancelled flights), I ran out of time to see everyone. 

I owe a few recaps from my trip.  And they'll come, I promise.  Patience is a virtue, peeps. 

In addition to stories about the lovely Mb's visit two weeks ago, and last weekend's quick run to DC, I should probably tell you about trips to see the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, even though Christmas is over and it's February, and the awesomeness that is Lou Lou's, and how my pottery class is going, and my DIY schemes around our little place. 

But first.

Last Saturday, there was the annual corporate banquet.  Believe it or not, there are still some companies out there that believe in getting their employees all dressed up for a night of open bars, fabulous food (including a dessert trio to die for), and dancing in a swanky downtown DC hotel.  And this was the very first year Joe was able to be my date.  He cleans up well.  And schmoozes well.

Thankfully, the music was crazy loud.  Because that meant Joe didn't hear all the snippets of conversations coming from way too many coworkers asking when we would get married and start having babies.  Really?  After three years of long distance dating, I think we've earned the right to more than six months before you start asking those well-intentioned but awfully nosy questions.

We made it back to Chicago uneventfully, but now it's cold.  Bitterly, nose-numbing, I-can't-feel-my-toes-despite-two-pairs-of-socks-and-boots cold.  So of course, I have a trip to the loop planned for some post-work shopping.  On tap, warm gloves and more socks.  My favorite knee socks have a hole in them.  Probably because I wear them just about every single day.

And late at night, when Joe's busy studying for midterms and I'm taking care of business (hence the forgotten marker in my bun), there's late-night silliness.  The kind where a single sound inspires giggles and "don't laugh!s" and silly pictures.  And those are my favorite kind of nights.  


Mb said...

Yay, the headband looks awesome on you!

KT Mac said...

I love it. It's getting a lot of wear. Especially this week when my ears need more protection than normal.