17 February 2011

Waiting to Exhale

I feel like one of those hamsters caught on the wheel. The faster I run, the faster I have to run. When I stop, I get thrown out of sync at high speeds. And I don't know why.

I've been feeling mighty powerless lately. And I think every time I try to grasp some of the illusion of power again, that's when the wheel and I find ourselves out of sync. I need to get off that damn wheel once and for all.

It was a bit noisy around these parts yesterday. One disadvantage to a ground floor apartment is nature has a way of wriggling its way into your home. In this case, tree trunks and sewage lines. Smelly and noisy and messy when all was said and done. But aside from the hassle of needing to run to McDonald's twice for their restrooms, it wasn't a big deal.

I desperately need new brown boots. The ones I spent so long searching for last spring have been a complete disappointment and have been thrown away in pieces. So I gathered my courage (because you need a lot of courage here) and went to DSW. No boots. No surprise. But I found my perfect summer sandal. And given that the shoe name is the same as my bro's nickname for me, I am convinced I had to own this sandal. So it is now in my closet dreaming of warmer days. 

But it meant that the blog posts I'd been meaning to write for weeks now about Mb's visit and our subsequent pants off dance offs fell by the wayside again. And at this point, since I really can't say it any better than this girl did, I'm copping out. Go see what she had to say. And know I loved every minute of it. Even if I have absolutely no rhythm. 

And it means I keep forgetting to write just a quick little post, mostly as a reminder to myself, of the two things Joe and I learned last weekend:
1.) Drinking and home improvements don't go together very well.  "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit." is not something you want to hear coming out of the next room as your tipsy boytoy tries to recaulk windows.  Fortunately, we managed to not caulk the windows shut.
2.) That said, KtMac needs more random afternoons with lady friends and reaching a new level of tipsy called "floaty." It's good for all involved. 

All I can think about this afternoon is how much I am craving some Proseco. No real celebration needed. Perhaps the fact that it is Thursday is celebration enough? Or maybe the fact that I've got some dreams and schemes and hopes and thinks swirling around in my head in need of a good think is reason enough. Do I really even need a reason?

And even though I'm thrilled that today is quite warm after the sub-zero temps we enjoyed post-blizzard, I'm not quite ready to give up the coziness of winter just yet.  

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Mb said...

hang in there lady. these times be hard. i only pulled outta my run after a nice visit to chicago to see you :)

also- endless.com is having a 60% off sale on boots. find those brown beauties (you're welcome).