22 February 2011

KtMac Confessions: Frugal Leads to DIY Creativity

Sometimes, I'm more than happy to part with a pretty penny. In times of celebration, serious lust, and serious need. But more often than not, if I'm honest with myself, it's not a true need, the lust will fade rather rapidly, and it can't truly be justified as a celebration. So then, I'm frugal - to the point where I do my Dad proud.  

And when it came to finding a good way to hang my necklaces (instead of leaving them to get all tangled in the box) I tried to find a cheap option at Home Depot.  The formal jewelry organizer either took up valuable countertop space, which is at a premium in our tiny little love nest, or cost several hundred dollars.  A painted 2x4 with hooks on it cost about $15.  I found a baggie of tiny c-cups for less than $2 and headed home. 

An unused picture frame, leftover fabric, and a silver permanent marker (to take those c-cups from nasty bronze to shiny silver) and a movie later, I give you:

Is it perfect?  Naw. But it's perfect for me and my needs (and my wallet). 


Tiger said...

I think I recognize the one to the right of the middle :)

DC misses you! xo

KT Mac said...

:D!! Everytime I see it or wear it, I think of you and all our DC adventures together. Chicago misses you too! xo