10 February 2011

The Highlight of My Day

If you know me in real life, I'm sure at some point or another you've heard me bitch about Netflix's Instant Watch and streaming options.  And their complete inability and/or willingness to Caption/Subtitle non-DVD movies.  Only foreign films were subtitled for instant viewing.

You may have also heard the story of how I ended up with the movie Up! for Christmas one year after I ordered the DVD from Netflix only to discover they had made some backroom pirated bootleg deal on the DVDs and didn't have closed captioning OR subtitles available on the disc.  Joe and I were supposed to be having one of our movie dates and it wasn't until the movie started that I discovered the lack of captioning options.  I was so disappointed, I cried.  My bro heard the story and bought me the DVD for Christmas. 

I kept my Netflix subscription despite the incident, but up until now, my online, instant viewing loyalties have stayed with Hulu simply because they do provide captioning for most shows (their movie selection leaves a lot to be desired).  Although my love for Hulu is waning now with the whole "pay to view" thing they're rolling out.  

Today, glorious day, I saw an NYTimes article talking about Netflix and Closed Captioning.  The article included a link to here.  Turns out Netflix is slowly but steadily adding captioning and subtitles to non-foreign films for Instant Watch.  Aww yeah, this winter buried under the comforter just got so much better. 

Thank you, Netflix for finally doing what should have been done all along.  You've managed to keep my loyalties (and my membership fees).


Mb said...

This is such great news! I was going to say that unless they changed things, you might want to end your membership. So glad that they are stepping up to include the larger viewing audience.

KT Mac said...

Yeah, I definitely toyed with cancelling my membership several times for being so unfriendly to the hearing impaired population, but this is a good step in the right direction.