02 February 2011

Early Spring, My Ass

Looking at the rapidly changing view outside my window this morning, I'm more than a bit incredulous that the damn groundhog is predicting an early spring.  

The bottom of these pictures is our windowsill, which is level with the ground.  This was at 7 am. 

Then the snow came back with a fury. 

At 9:04, I sent my Mom a link stating that this blizzard was the 5th snowiest on record for Chicago.  28 minutes later, she opens the link to find out it is now the 3rd snowiest on record.  My record with being snowed in during record breaking snowfalls is intact. At least this time around, I have Joe to cuddle. 

And now, a mere three hours later, same view:

Early spring?  My ass.  

Game plan for today?  Work, snuggles, wine, and enjoying the fact that we have nowhere to be today.  

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