14 January 2011

Week, Good Riddance

It's been one of those "hrumph" weeks. 

Lots of ups and downs on the emotional roller coaster. 

Good news on the work front, not-so-good news with Grandma's illness and mental decline.  A good heart-to-heart that has provoked some further internal ruminations.  Lots of insurance phone calls as I sort out new doctors and pharmacies and the like with a new city and insurance company.  Financial planning (oh crap, so grown-up) and daydreams.  Feeling so stir-crazy I thought I might scream or break down in tears.  Complete relief in working elsewhere for an hour....so much so that I thought I might cry.

So good riddance week.  Hello, weekend!!

My weekend goals involve sleeping in, reading, great workouts, convincing Joe that the windchill isn't too cold to prevent an ice skating expedition, watching movies, pulling together a donations pile,  more daydreams, giggles, cuddles, cooking baking, and kisses. 

Have a happy weekend peeps!

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